Paolo Carlomè studied for his PhD in Saxophone, Composition and Music Didactics at the “G. B. Pergolesi” Conservatory in Fermo, Italy.

At the moment he is collaborating with RAI COM (Rome) as a composer of music for images in the television field, for documentaries and cultural programmes (La vita in diretta, Porta a porta, Sulla via di Damasco, Uno Mattina, Linea Verde, Geo&Geo, etc). In 2005 his music accompanied the images of “I miti del ciclismo”, a DVD collection produced by Gazzetta dello Sport and dedicated to the cycle racing world. In 2006 some of his other compositions were chosen to accompany the images of the world football championship in Germany in the Gazzetta dello Sport DVD, commemorating the Italian team victory; in 2008 other collection "Tutto Pantani".

His first album, “Symphonic Waves” (Ed. RAI TRADE), came out in 2004, the second “Landscapes” (Ed. RAI TRADE) in 2007, the third album “Saxseus” in 2008; his fourth and fifth albums "Sangue sparso"(2014) and "Car 24" (2016) were original motion picture soundtracks for orchestra, produced in Los Angeles, California, USA, and his latest album “Reflection” (2019) for piano and strings.

His compositions have been played by several vocal and instrumental groups (quartets, quintets, ensemble, string orchestra) in Italian cities and abroad. The pieces Run and Sunny, in the arrangement for saxophones, have been played in premières during the 14th World Saxophone Congress in Lubjana, Slovenia, Frankfurt, Germany; other compositions for saxophone ensembles have been played by the “Italian Saxophone Orchestra” in St Petersburg, Russia.

In 2012, at the prestigious Konserthuset - Grünewald hall, Stockholm (Sweden) seat of the official presentation of Nobel prizes, his concerto for piano and orchestra was played by the Stockholms Akademiska Orkester and directed by Helena Söderman.

In 2014 he composed the orchestral soundtrack of the film "Sangue sparso" distributed by Flavia Entertainment. It is a feature film, directed by Emma Moriconi, which tells the story of the events that took place between the late 70s and the early 80s, the so-called "years of lead". Initiative carried out with the contribution and patronage of the Directorate General for cinema, Ministry of cultural heritage and cultural activities.

In 2014 the song "Escalation" was chosen as the music to accompany the advertisement for Rai TV licencing, "Ritardatari", while the song "Waves" accompanied the advertisement for the aid agency EMERGENCY (twenty years of medicine and human rights).

In 2015 he composed the soundtrack of the spot "Hotel del Senato" - Rome - Italy

In 2016 he composed the soundtrack of the film "Car 24" directed by Matias Desiderio, USA production, Los Angeles - California.

In 2017 he composed "The wolves' breath" for saxophone ensemble in homage to Francesco Florio, founder of the first Italian saxophone school, a piece performed at the "Augusteo" theater in Salerno, from the saxophone ensemble composed by the teachers of the Conservatories of Italy, directed by Paolo Carlomè.

In 2019 the symphony orchestra concert at Auditorium Maximum - Cluj-Napoca - Romania, performed by the Transylvania State Philharmonic Orchestra, directed by David Crescenzi.

In 2020 he composed the soundtrack of the film "Nerina" directed by Alessandro della Casa, produced by the "Virgo" Cultural Association.

In 2021 he composed the soundtrack of the film “Criminali si diventa” directed by Luca Trovellesi Cesana and Alessandro Tarabelli, produced by Sydonia Production, with Martina Fusaro, Ivano Marescotti, Ugo Dighero and Lodo Guenzi.

Also in 2021, commissioned for the 7th centenary of Dante's death, on the text of canto XXXIII of Paradise, he composed the “Preghiera alla Vergine” for soprano voice, bass voice, narrator and organ.

In 2023 the concert for piano and string orchestra, Minsk, Belarus, performer by “Belarusian State Academy of Music”, directed by Paolo Carlomè.

Sempre nel 2023 è stato eseguito in prima assoluta il brano “"Imago et rex” per voce di soprano, coro a 4 voci miste e quartetto di sassofoni, Londra, Choir of Royal Holloway / Bros Quartet (Gerard McChrystal, Antonio Felipe Belijar, João Pedro Silva, Mario Marzi) diretto da Rupert Gough.

Sempre nello stesso anno ha composto “Amal” for orchestra, piece commissioned by Orchestra Sinfonica Metropolitana di Bari (ICO) che rientra in un ciclo dal titolo DI GENTI E DI MARI – Bari, storie di millenaria accoglienza, prima esecuzione assoluta marzo 2024.

Paolo Carlomè has collaborated with the “G. Bezzi” chorus of St Nicholas Basilica in Tolentino with the service “Ecclesia de Eucharistia” (2003) for a 4 v.d. choir and organ, composed for the occasion of Pope John Paul II’s birthday and later with the canticle “Inno dei Salvati” (2003) for four-voice choir and organ, from a text from the Apocalypse composed for the occasion of the “Vespri solenni” of St Nicholas from Tolentino.

He has collaborated with the “San Gregorio Magno” chorus with the canticle “L’ora del giudizio” (2006) and “Esultate, o cieli” (2012) for soprano voice, oboe, four-voice choir, string orchestra and percussions, from a text from the Book of the Apocalypse.

He collaborates with choirs, instrumental and chamber music groups as an arranger. During his time in the USA and Canada in 2006, he collaborated with HMWN Radio Maria Canada and Radio Toronto.

He has attended International Music Seminars for music of the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque periods.

Various compositions

Suavis (1995) for string orchestra
Flute melody (1995) for flute quartet
Bluelight (1996) for wind orchestra
Thor (1997) for wind orchestra
Saxseus (1999) for saxophone ensemble, accordion, double bass (2), glockenspiel, tubolar bells and timpani / for wind orchestra
Fantasia sul nome “B.A.C.H” (2003) for organ
Klaxsonphones (2003) for saxophone quartet
Obsession (2003) for violin and piano
Messa “Ecclesia de Eucharistia” (2003) for soprano voice, choir and organ
Cantico “Inno dei Salvati” (2003) for soprano voice, choir and organ / string orchestra
Oratorio “da Catone in Utica” (2003) for orchestra and voices (6)
Cantico “L’ora del giudizio” (2006) for soprano voice, choir and organ / string orchestra
Cantico “Inno di Lode” (2008) for soprano voice, choir and organ / string orchestra
Path (2007) for piano
Spell (2008) for piano
Child (2009) for piano
De mundi iniquitate (2010) for pipes and percussion
Errabuntanz (2010) for pipes and percussion
King oh (2010) for pipes and percussion
Magna pugna (2010) for pipes and percussion
Salah al-Din (2010) for pipes and frame drums
Arab (2010) for pipes and frame drums
Piccole ali (2011) for piano and string orchestra
Paysage (2012) for piano and string orchestra
Vibrazioni marine (2012) for tin whistle, piano, strings and percussion
Esultate, o cieli (2012) for soprano voice, choir. oboe and string orchestra
Echi del borgo (2014) for tin whistle, polyphonic ceccola and percussion
Le corde del tempo (2014) for polyphonic ceccola
Clash of kings (2014) for orchestra
A day in Rome (2015) advertisement Hotel del Senato (Rome) for flute, accordion, brass, strings and percussion
The wolves’ breath (2017) for saxophone ensemble
Muy rico (2017) latin pop
Suddenly (2018) for Junior band
"Imago et rex (2019) for choir and saxophone quartet / for soprano voice, choir and orchestra
St. Bernard's prayer to the virgin - Paradise - canto XXXIII (2021) for soprano voice, bass voice, narrator and organ
Amal (2023) per orchestra

Album: “Symphonic Waves” RAI Trade editions – 2004

  1. Misfatto (2004) 
  2. Waves (2004) 
  3. Teorema (2004) 
  4. My Land (2004)
  5. Maestrale (2004) 
  6. Confini (2004) 
  7. Incomprensioni (2004)
  8. Escalation (2004) 
  9. Affetti (2004)
  10. Neroebianco (2005) 

Album: “Landscapes” RAI Trade editions – 2007

  1. Escalation (2004) for piano and strings
  2. Risveglio (2007) for piano and string orchestra
  3. Escalation (2004) for piano and string orchestra
  4. In fuga (2004) for piano and string orchestra
  5. Shine (2006) for piano
  6. Waves (2005) for piano and string orchestra
  7. Distese (2007) for string orchestra
  8. Solitude (2005) for soprano saxophone, piano and string orchestra
  9. Affetti (2004) for piano and string orchestra
  10. Sogno (2007) for piano and string orchestra
  11. Maestrale (2004) for piano and string orchestra
  12. Spell (2008) for piano
  13. Radici (2008) for accordion, piano and string orchestra
  14. Sentieri (2005) for piano and string orchestra
  15. Au revoir (2005) for piano and string orchestra
  16. Rise (2008) for tin whistle, piano, string orchestra and percussion
  17. My land (2004) for piano and string orchestra

Album: “Saxseus” RAI Trade editions – 2008

  1. Shine (2006) for saxophone quartet
  2. Sogno (2007) for saxophone quartet
  3. Spell (2008) for saxophone quartet
  4. Maestrale (2004) for saxophone quartet
  5. Risveglio (2007) for saxophone quartet
  6. Sunshine (2008) for baritone saxophone, piano, double bass and drum set
  7. Obsession (2003) for soprano saxophone and piano
  8. Run (2005) for saxophone quartet
  9. Bluelight (1996) for saxophone ensemble
  10. Suavis (1995) for saxophone quintet
  11. Distese (2007) for saxophone quintet
  12. Path (2007) for saxophone quartet
  13. Sunny (2004) for saxophone quartet
  14. Running (2008) for baritone saxophone, piano, double bass and drum set
  15. Saxseus (1999) for saxophone ensemble

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack “Sangue sparso” – 2012
Track list:

  1. Laurentia
  2. Sangue sparso – Main theme
  3. Memento
  4. Fiori del male/Misfatto
  5. Lacrime di ghiaccio
  6. Sangue sparso – Main theme (vers. II guitar)
  7. Brain
  8. Stretta finale
  9. Lacrime di ghiaccio (vers. II guitar)
  10. Più forte dell’odio
  11. Stretta finale (vers. II guitar)
  12. Laurentia domani
  13. A metà (End credits)

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack “Car 24” – 2016
Track list:

  1. Over the night
  2. Afterlife
  3. Meet the dark
  4. Thrill
  5. Bright angel
  6. Salsa
  7. Street rap
  8. Obsessive 
  9. Rusty wires
  10. Latin street

Album: “Reflection” for piano and string orchestra – 2019

  1. Eternamente 
  2. Child
  3. After the rain
  4. Reflection
  5. Invisible touch
  6. Piccole ali
  7. Spell
  8. Lost
  9. Incontrarsi ancora
  10. Paysage
  11. Vibrazioni marine

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